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What makes us different and special? 

We are a Specialty Artisanal Gourmet Cookies & Cakes bakery. We also specialise in handcrafted edible treats, like our own family recipes gourmet cookies, customised handiced cookies, specialty cakes and brownies. All our products are homemade with care and love. 

What ingredients do you use? 

Our cookies and cakes are baked to order using good quality ingredients. These include butter, flour (wheat and gluten-free) a variety of sugars (cane, dark/light brown, coconut sap and stevia), vanilla bean paste, variety of good quality flavorings, couverture chocolates, salt and a good mix of nuts. We also use  premium Belgian chocolates, dark chocolate chips and 100% extra brute cocoa powder  in our premium bakes. The shortbread cookies used for our artisanal decorated cookies while do not contain nuts, they are however not baked in a nut-free kitchen. Our  Classic and Premium selections of Gourmet Cookies offers both nut-free and with nuts options. As muslim bakers, we seek only halal and/or kosher certified ingredients.

What cookie flavours are available for the customised cookies? 

We use shortbread  cookies as base for all our customised cookies. Flavour you can choose from - Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon. There is a 24pcs minimum order per flavour. Our signature cookie flavor is Vanilla, though if you prefer either Chocolate or Lemon, please let us know when you place your order. 

We have a minimum of 2 week's notice for all customised order for cakes and cookies, but it is never too early to send in your order requests as we have limited number of spots available on our calendar. Late orders ( less than 7 days notice) will be subjected to a minimum surcharge of $50. We recommend that you place your order for pick up or delivery one day before event. Full payment must be made to confirm on your order and any cancellation of order 3 days before event, no refund will be given. 

Take a moment to check out our portfolio, and get in touch with any questions.

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