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Things change. People change. Life changes. Food changes too.

I didnt realise that Singapore have changed so much until I stepped into town today. It's definitely different. visually, emotionally. Sure, its a Monday and people are at work. and mostly tourists walk the streets. but these changes are madness. Cineleisure at the height of its existence was one of the coolest place to be. but today, I see it tamed. Quiet. Wow.

Walking down towards Somerset MRT station, I found myself in a section of Orchard Road I have never been IN before. I mean, I've walked on this same ground ... Just that, it did NOT look like this. Reminded me of Dubai a wee bit with everything looking for foreign and fun and cool. Only way more pricey than beautiful UAE.

OK, point is - I miss Dubai. and Singapore's food have so raised its bar, I find myself intimidated. Like come ON! There's Tapas (Mexican Restaurant) just in front of the MRT entrance! Welcome back to Singapore! Where YOU are now a tourist!

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