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Today is THE day!

I am surrounded by two rambunctious energetic youths who have many ideas sprouting out of the very busy mouths. I can only wish I have that level of energy to burn. It has been quite an eventful year in 2017 with our moving back into Singapore. N, O and myself landed on 26 Dec 2016 and we have been on a roller-coaster ride with Singapore being sooo generous, giving us a wealth of experiences.

So there I was sitting at McDonalds, a year on, while waiting for kids to be finished with their Arabic tuition (a necessary here in Singapore) , and I decided to take a leap of faith and i got this done. Like FINALLY!! TODAY is THE DAY! And so begins my journey to be more 'out there'. I've been surrounded by flour, eggs, sugars of every kind, beautiful aromatic chocolates, and almost always warm fresh baked treats every so often. It has been a part of me since young and if I were to lose it, I fear that I may just go insane.

This post took too long to continue. Madness came and left, joy too. Lethargy swung by, mostly Passion came to stay.

2022 became a year of big changes for me, N & O. Yes, I know .. you put the initials of my 2 kids together and it spells NO. yeeaaahhh, NO, we never give. NO, we don't take challenges lying down. NO is a powerful word to say and react to.

Onwards and Upwards

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